Recalling the Governor – III

So finally the votes have been counted and there will be a special election in couple of months to decide if Gray Davis will be recalled. Davis was re-elected Governor last year and this recall campaign is the gift of Republican Darrell Issa who put 1.7 million of his money to collect the signatures. But then here is the scary part
bq. Schwarzenegger, a Republican who has never sought public office, has flirted with the idea of running against Davis for months. He also has organized a campaign team that would consist mostly of advisers to former two-term California governor Pete Wilson, whom Davis replaced in 1999.
There is no clue as to how the Republicans are going to reduce the 34 billion deficit we have. No one is talking about it. Steve Lopez of LA Times asked an important question, “Just One Question for ‘Recall Davis’ Forces: Now What?”:,1,4739293.column
bq. We all know that in theory, democracy is a good idea. But I find it peculiar that you can saunter up to a table on a gorgeous summer day and sign on to boot the state’s top dog out of office in midterm, the whole transaction faster and simpler than if you were buying Girl Scout cookies.
I am no big fan of Gray Davis either. But I hope in the elections he wins so that rich people cannot hijack power.
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3 thoughts on “Recalling the Governor – III

  1. That is one of the minor issues at this point. The major issue is to replace Gray Davis. Maybe they will allow for offshore drilling or find if there is oil below death valley.

  2. If there is no plan, then this nothing but foolishness. IF a Republican wins, he will have to contend with a Democratic-controlled legislature that will not be please to see its governor so unceromoniously kicked out.

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