Targetting Cartoonists

If the Democrats are looking for an issue in the next elections they should go big on the civil liberties that are being lost. It has reached ridiculous levels that even cartoonists are under suspicion. Pardon me, if this reminds me of the communist era. Los Angeles Times cartoonist Michael Ramirez had a cartoon this Sunday and he is now being investigated by the Secret Service.
bq. The cartoon, based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph from the Vietnam War, depicts Bush with his hands behind his back as a man labeled “Politics” prepares to shoot him in the head. The background of the drawing is a cityscape labeled “Iraq.” “We’re aware of the image and we’re in the process of determining what action if any can be taken,” John Gill, Secret Service spokesman, said.
and ironically, this is a pro-Bush cartoon.
As per the Patriot Act, FBI agents can now ask your local library for a “list of books you have read”: