Sharon in India

The Washington Post has an article on how the Jews and Indians are coming together in the US to fight for common causes. This includes
* an amendment pressuring Pakistan to stop Islamic militants from crossing into India.
* getting Bush administration’s approval for Israel to sell four Phalcon early warning radar planes to India for about $1 billion, a deal that has alarmed the Pakistani government.
There are 5.8 million jews in US and 1.8 million Indians, and according to the article, “highly educated, affluent and attached to democratic homelands facing what they increasingly view as a common enemy”
The common enemy is not very happy about it. Now “Ariel Sharon”: is visiting India on Sept 11th and he is not visiting Pakistan to balance the equation like some American Presidents.
This is an alliance which was long due between two democracies attacked by Islamic fundamentalists. A return visit by the Indian Prime Minister to Tel Aviv would be another bold step by the NDA Administration.
[ref: “Washington Post”: , “Indian Express”:]

14 thoughts on “Sharon in India

  1. Actually, Indians and Jews have already come together once to ensure the defeat of Democratic nut-case Cynthia McKinney in the Georgia Primaries last year – we are natural allies 🙂

  2. aah! This news makes me feel glad! Thanks to Congress policy of kowtowing before the Arabs…I need not say the rest.
    It’s time we socked it to the Pakis.

  3. I always felt that the way the US treats us is God’s punishment for the way we treated Israel all these years.
    To this day I haven’t understood why we refused to play Israel in the Davis cup and in general displayed love and affection to the PLO and other Arab countries. All we got from them was resolutions recognising Kashmir’s right to self-determination.

  4. I think that article was after U.S.’s nod for Phalcon sale. I sure he will have another “Sharon special” commentary, for these guys have been saying the same things for time immortal.
    These guys also have an uncanny craft for generating a pseudo-public opinion against anything. He’ll try say that Indians are largely against this visit and so on …

  5. Israeli people too have great affection for India and Indians. After their army training many Israeli youngsters make a trip to India. I have felt that warmth while meeting Israelis here in the US too.
    If Bidwai is crying then, we are going on the right track.

  6. By aligning ourselves with the forces of Zionist aggression against the “common enemy” of “terrorism”, the fundamentalist forces in power at the centre have once again betrayed the principles of secularism and non-alignment with our own interests that have been a cornerstone of our foreign policy.

  7. LOL, LOL, Superb, Ravikiran!
    >>To this day I haven’t understood why we refused to play Israel in the Davis cup and in general displayed love and affection to the PLO and other Arab countries.
    Why? Ask Nehru’s gushing love for everything Islamic and “Socialist (read: Communist)” and hate for everything Hindu. How else would he shape the foregin policy? His shadows still linger in the form of Bidwai and Kuldip Nayar (I’d blogged about this) who STILL says, “our foregin policy should be shaped in the interests of Arabia” or something to that effect.

  8. I bow before thee, Ravi – I have to admit you are turning into the super-troll – some day, you will be the master of them all (of course, you still need to learn to type IN CAPS ALL THE TIME and make a lot af speling misteaks) 😉

  9. Robi Sen’s S. Asia Briefing: 2003-08-05
    This Winds of Change.NET Regional Briefing focuses on South-SE Asia. TOPICS INCLUDE: Israel’s PM in India; Developments in and around Kashmir; Musharraf speaks out against extremism; Islamic terrorism throughout SE Asia, from Bangladesh to the Phillipi…

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