Recalling the Governor – II

California has a deficit of “34 billion”: and there is a recall campaign going on for the Governor Gray Davis who is a democrat. The White House has projected a “deficit of 455b”: So is this is a good reason to recall President Bush ?

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  1. Like I said before, I don’t understand the purpose of a recall. It’s counterproductive in my opinion, but nobody said California Republicans are a bright.
    Nevertheless, it always take two to tango to create deficits. Where are the recall campaigns for every state legislators who help create these deficits.
    Let the Democrats stew in their own mess.

  2. $450 billion dollor deficit and some other lies, the campaign to recollect in his case impeach Bush already started. Check out this site. But unlike California, where the recollection of Davis is funded by Republican party operatives, this website seems to be started by common people, who couldn’t stand and watch this administration’s wrongdoings.

  3. ind, who do you think out of the nine democrats has a chance of winning the next election ? Looks like Bush has more money than all of them combined and it is going to be a walk through for him in 2004. Do you think all these issues will remain till next November.

  4. I am following the campaigns on c-span. I am for John Kerry, he seems to be very intelligent, convincing and charismatic to me. If his wife (Heinz heir, net worth 400-600 millions) decides to donate some money to his compaign, he can definitely beat the Bush in fundraising with that alone. John Kerry and John Edward ticket has the potential to win this election for democrats.
    As long as US stays in Iraq, it is impossible to escape or avoid the issues related to the occupation. The daily killings of US soldiers, bad economy, if they continue to go in this way can you expect anyone in their right mind voting for Bush? But Bushes are spinmasters, they can turn any event into their advantage with the help of media, so I cann’t predict the future.

  5. Ind, all you have to do is to go to the “About the VoteToImpeach Campaign” link to see that this website is the initiative of “Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General of the United States, and enthusiastically supported by other attorneys” – not common men by any standards. Of course, here is a little more stuff about that crusader for common man – – apparently he crusaded for Milosevic too.
    Ind, it is absolutely fine to criticize George Bush – I don’t care much for him one way or the other – in your hatred for him, don’t throw your support to organizations like Clark’s. People like him should be denounced and repulsed – not supported.

  6. It seems there is some confusion about my use of the word common people. By definition common people or commonolaty means persons without authority or rank. Clark is a former but not the current attorney general.”Vote to Impeach” is not supported or funded by any Democratic Senators, unlike California, where the ‘Recall’ campaign is funded and supported by people in power like Republican Senators, House Representatives etc.,
    Shanti, don’t preach me what to believe in or support, if you do, I have to return the favor, don’t you think?

  7. Does that mean that if the Senate actually votes to impeach George Bush, you will withdraw your support for the motion because now it has the support of uncommon people by your definition?

  8. JK,
    Here is some interesting information about how Voteto is funded – Who sponsers pays for the huge SF/NYanti-war rallies? – looks like they are affiliated with International A.N.S.W.E.R., which in turn is a front for the Worker’s World Party or some such, which is a “communist” organization the Roys and Bidwais would be proud of, since it is yet to find a dictator it cannot support.

  9. Shanti, I don’t care about his background. Thanks anyway for the links. In your own words “People like him should be denounced and repulsed – not supported.” Then members of current Bush administration supported Saddam and now are supporting the Pakistani dictator. So why the apathy on this adminsitration and its leader?
    RK, Did I mention anywhere here that I support this motion?

  10. Ind, I am not “supporting” Bush – I am not “supporting” Clark either. I am not going around urging people to check out or whatever his web site is. Since I am not defending him, it doesn’t matter what he or his administration does as far as I am concerned.
    (note to self – never argue with Ravi) :p

  11. I didn’t urge anyone, I mentioned that site to support the point I am making, i.e there is also a movement to impeach Bush is underway.
    You advised me not support Clark because of his past connections, but at the same time you mentioned that you don’t care about Bush, that’s why I asked, why the apathy in case of Bush but the repulsion and denouncement at Clark.
    note to self: RK power of argument is so overrated.;)-

  12. Ind, if someone is “approvingly” pointing somebody out, you tell them how truly heinous the people they are supporting are, because you hope the person you are talking is NOT aware of it and wouldn’t support or talk about a person and a movement like that, because they are better than that.
    I am not actively denouncing Clark – I denounced him only because you pointed him out. The same goes if I “approvingly” point to how great Bush is or someone else is, then you can go around denouncing them, with some “actual proof” and not plain rhetoric.
    Ravi, maybe we should trade junk-bonds on blogshares – might make it more fun 😉

  13. I don’t see anything wrong with the “vote to impeach” movement and I don’t see any heinousness in it. Sorry if I am not better than that.
    Fianlly I didn’t point out Clark, you did.

  14. What we need is a movement to impeach callous bloggers like RaviKiran. He sent two of his entries to the blog mela and they are expected to return after 20 years, one as a cop and another as a blogger. People with such careless attitude towards their own blog entries should not be allowed to blog. If i knew how to produce a banner, I would create impeach RK site. Workers of the world unite, we have nothing to lose but our dignity.

  15. Nonsense.
    I am a man of unimpeachable integrity.
    Unlike certain Presidents of the United States, I have never lied. I haven’t even laid.
    I don’t interfere in affairs of other people. In fact I haven’t even had “intern”al affairs.
    And I always balance my budget.

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