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“Liar”: Praful Bidwai has written “another article”: Since we have been reading his article for a while, we have come up with this pseudo code which will help people implement the first Praful Bidwai article generator.
1. The agenda is that it has to be pointed out that hierarchies of class, caste and gender exist. This issue has to be bought it some how. This time he does this in the most wierd way.
bq. This ‘knowledge-based’ description sounds odd, to put it mildly, in a society in which almost half the population is illiterate, the general level of skills very low, and transmission of knowledge severely restricted by the hierarchies of class, caste and gender.
So, Take up an issue you dont like, say India has strong foreign reserves, India is now the fav destination for outsourcing, there maybe life in other planets and end that sentence with “hierarchies of class, caste and gender”.
2. Create a random issue. Then go and explain why it will not happen. For example:
bq. IT certainly contributes in growing measure to the Indian economy, but it remains an ‘island’ phenomenon. It cannot drive the entire country into another epoch or ‘stage’ of development. There are three reasons for saying this.
See no one told that it will drive the entire country into another epoch. He just made that up. Then he writes to debunk his own theory. So we could say “Many people think that finding water on Mars is a good thing or Indian Prime Minister walks on two legs and many people think that is great”. Then write some 1000 words to say why it is not.
3. Produce a number bigger than what you want to demolish.
bq. Even in external sector accounts, software exports ($7.2 billion) still contribute less than remittances, mainly from poor workers in the Gulf ($8.1 billion).
If “poor workers” are able to remit 8.1 billion, then how are they poor ?
4. Remind people that since people who invest money become rich, they are bad.
bq. Thus, a good proportion of the sub-programmes in Windows 95 and 98 were developed by Indian engineers. But it’s Bill Gates who skimmed off the profits!
What about the many employees for Microsoft who became rich through stock options ? What about the many stock holders who became rich. Bill Gates has more investment in the company, so he makes more. This fact should never be told.
5. Throw in some unverifiable facts like ” The average Indian employee’s productivity is high”. These kind of statements dont need any proof.
I am bored already and sorry for writing code, remember I am a code coolie.
Update: Ravikiran already had a well “thought of response”: as usual.

10 thoughts on “Praful Bidwai Article Generator

  1. I don’t understand how he can say these demeaning words about outsourcing jobs to India. It is win-win situation to both parties. Its all good to spend our money on ‘foren’ products, but not good to earn some money for a honest work from them. Always find a way to demean ourselves, thats the mantra of some desis, it seems.

  2. ind, so many people are now employed thanks to IT industry. he is writing as if it is a bad thing. the word coolie is used in a demeaning way, ignoring the fact that coolies are hardworking people. i thought that communists would stand up for coolies, but he is now totally against them. he himself is a journalist coolie, isn’t he ?
    and look at what he said, software accounts for only 7.2 billion dollars, as if it is pocket change.

  3. It is coolies like us who have no respect for Bidwai. Today’s Washington Post has quoted him
    “”If Iraq’s invasion [is] unjust immoral and illegal, how can its occupation, caused by the invasion, be just and acceptable?” columnist Praful Bidwai wrote in the latest issue of Frontline, a liberal newsmagazine here. “It is completely illogical to oppose the war on Iraq, as the Indian government and Parliament did, and then support its occupation and become part of it.””

  4. yep, unjust, immoral and illegal because Prafool said so – isn’t it funny that a paper of record like the Post takes Praful’s word for it when in not a single column is anything provided to support his arguments?
    Another thing is, how many people are really comfortable to have Bidwai representing the voice of India to anybody int he world?

  5. >>how many people are really comfortable to have Bidwai representing the voice of India to anybody int he world?
    Good question, Shanti. Also add Arundhati Roy to the list. The reason I see is that Prafool Bidwullah (he’s secular you see, hence the last name is apt) is one of Nehru’s Band of Boys along with Khushwant Singh. Have you read this latest farces in Hindustan Times? Pitiable. Hence Bidwullah’s opinions carry “weight.”
    Connexions lady, will get you everywhere!

  6. Somebody Stop Them
    Like I had said earlier, why don’t they just stop their tirade against something sensible? Although Swami Agnivesh isn’t really in the class of Praful Bidwai, the lie-generating machine, he comes close. But I don’t understand myself: why don’t I…

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