Buddha's relics

The relics of Buddha are now in Chile on display. Here is an interesting look at the story behind the relics.
bq. “The mystery behind relic-worship:”:http://www.dailynews.lk/2003/07/09/fea06.html What remained after the Buddha’s body was burnt “were only the bones” which are explained as “the indestructible substance that remains unburnt in the ashes of Buddhas and Arahants.” Accordingly, in addition to the seven great relics that remained unburnt, which were the four canine teeth, the two collarbones and the frontal bone, the other unburnable dhatus that remained scattered around the burnt up pyre were of the size of mustard seeds (Digha Commentary II, 604).
Read also: “Buddha’s Bones”:https://varnam.org/archives/000099.html
[from “Indian Archeology”:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/IndiaArchaeology/ mailing list]

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  1. Although, “India” is a recent country, it does house the majority of sites of Buddhist antiquity. Understandably there is some dispute over the birthpalce being at Lumpini, Nepal. Current scholars may set the site nearer to Gorakapur, just south of Nepal. As a united country, India is fairly recent on the seen and hopefully more light will be shed on the history of the Buddha as relics and information technology make public communication more available. Best wishes in the Dharma, James Rousku

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