Joke of the day

The Communists of Kerala have implemented a development programme which was “sponsored by the CIA”: The funniest line is this: “In the latest issue of Malayalam bimonthly Padam, leading Marxist thinker Professor M N Vijayan has alleged that the campaign was implemented to ‘derail the Kerala economy'”.

5 thoughts on “Joke of the day

  1. People like you are blind to the machinations of the CIA…
    Kerala and West Bengal remain the last hopes for Communism that is why the CIA is bent on destroying the economies of both these states, just as it destroyed the Soviet Union, Vietnam, China, Cuba, etc. If not for the CIA we would all have been living in the glorious workers state that Marx predicted.

  2. Ravi, you could write the manifesto for our beloved communists and they would use it without once realizing you were tongue-in-cheek.

  3. Riiight, blame it all on us, women! :p
    Ravi, next time try typing IN ALL CAPS! For some reason, your rhetoric turns into fact when you do that 😉

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