Pritish Nandy, another liar

Pritish Nandy consumed by jealousy against rich NRIs writes:
“Pampering the prodigal son “:
bq. The truth is: they have nothing to offer us. The $ 80 billion we have in our reserves have not come from them. It has come from foreign investors who see a future in India. All we get from our NRIs is gratuitous advice and boastful success stories that we can easily do without. They need India. India does not need them.
The truth is:
“Mayawati invites NRI investment in UP”:
bq. “I have come here because in Uttar Pradesh my government has started many schemes to initiate various businesses. People of Indian origin staying here in the U.S. and the state (Uttar Pradesh) will be able to benefit from this,” Mayawati added.
“Budget seeks to boost NRI, FDI inflows”:
bq. The Union Budget for 1998-99 announced several measures to revive the economy and encourage non-resident Indian and foreign investment to meet the possible shortfall in resources resulting from sanctions imposed by the United States and other industrialised countries in the wake of five nuclear tests conducted by India last month.
“India seeks NRI investment in highways, IT “:
bq. India on Friday invited foreign investments by NRIs in the field of highways, oil exploration, information technology and power projects and assured them all possible support.
“Homeward bound”:
bq. They are pouring money into India, especially into the real-estate market. Since the September 11 attacks in the US, investments in Indian markets have gathered pace. NRIs have pumped in a major chunk of the $1.75 billion India earned in forex between October 26 and November 30 last year. NRIs accounted for 16 per cent of the foreign investments in India in a year.
I did not expect that Pritish Nandy would turn out to be another liar like Praful Bidwai.

6 thoughts on “Pritish Nandy, another liar

  1. It is funny that he says NRIs need India but India doesn’t need them – why so exactly, Mr. Nandy? What exactly is India able to provide NRIs that they don’t get here abroad? The only thing that still links us to India is our family and the sentiment and love for the land.
    Oh, and if us NRI software Engineers did not pave the way, where would the billions of dollars for Indian software industry come from? Out of thin air?
    Gosh, JK – these idiots piss me off so much, it is extremely irritating!

  2. The whole purpose of offering dual citizenships to NRIs– and only from rich, western countries– is to make investment much easier.
    I’ll be you a good chunk of the $80 mr. Nandy talks about is NRI money.
    Most NRIs are economic migrants because of India’s policy of socialism and suspicion of anybody trying to get rich. Mr. Nandy should blame his own government, not the NRIs.

  3. I suppose this is another absurdity of Pritish Nandy. Is he *also* a child of communism? Dunno much about him, but he seems to go after NRIs with so much venom. Why?

  4. Pritish Nandy Jokes
    I initially left this comment in JK’s blog: “I suppose this is another absurdity of Pritish Nandy. Is he *also* a child of communism? Dunno much about him, but he seems to go after NRIs with so much venom. Why?”…

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