According to a Reuters report, suicides are on a decline around the world. But it has been increasing in countries like Russia, Australia and Ireland.
“Suicide Rates Fall in Many Countries, Rise in Some “:
bq. “It is almost impossible to find a common cause for all the different trends across regions and countries, but certain factors like socioeconomic instability, unemployment, easy access to means of committing suicide, mental disorders and substance use disorders are those commonly implicated,” he said.
Another place where suicide rates are rising in an alarming rate is the land of 100% literacy, Kerala. In May 2002 the average suicide rate was 27 per day.

“A first it could do without”:
bq. Suraraj Mani says a voracious appetite for high-end consumer goods spurred by money lenders and hire-purchase schemes, the wide gap between people’s aspirations and actual capabilities, the disintegration of traditional social support mechanisms as was prevalent in joint families, emergence of a trend towards nuclear families, alcohol abuse, financial instability, family dysfunction and a growing population of the aged are some of the reasons for the high suicide rate.
I have read news reports of children committing suicide because the parents asked them not to watch TV etc. As a result parents are now scared to say anything to their children.
Some other firsts that are not mentioned are
* Kerala has the highest divorce rate in India
* Highest level of unemployment
* Kerala has the highest per capita consumption of alcohol in the country
* Kerala is the largest market for psychiatric drugs in South India

2 thoughts on “Suicides

  1. >>Highest level of unemployment
    Seriously, who in their right minds would invest in Kerala’s industry? A state where the words of the Unions are the spoken truth and where this apparent strength in numbers (and not reason) gives them the upper edge in negotiations.
    >>Kerala has the highest per capita consumption of alcohol in the country
    That is expecteds since the ever rotating governement of Kerala uses money got from selling alcohol to fill their and their families piggy banks.

  2. I’m not so sure about the alcohol factoid. To the best of my knowledge, it’s Gujarat that has the highest per capita alcohol consumption in India. (best way to ensure high sales — ban the item 😉

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