Who shot Mohammed Al-Dura

The June 2003 issue of Atlantic Monthly has an article by James Fellows titled “Who shot Mohammed Al-Dura”. Al-Dura is the little boy who was shot dead in the arms of his helpless father’s arms during an Israeli-Palestinian confrontation. Television cameras caught the final moments of his life, when the father and son were crouched behind a concrete barrel, and few moments later, Al-Dura, 12 years old was shot dead. This scene has been repeatedly played in the Arab media to rouse up passion. Many countries have issues stamps in his name and even Osama bin Laden has mentioned him in one his messages.
In this article, analyzing television footage, it establishes that the boy was not killed by Israeli bullets
bq. The fundamental point of the Israeli investigation—that the concrete barrel lay between the outpost and the boy, and no bullets had gone through the barrel—could be confirmed independently from news footage.
From the analysis, the article says that possibility that the boy was killed by Palestinians seems more plausible, as the boy was in their direct line of fire with nothing to obstruct the bullets. But since this article is the result of an Israeli investigation, no one will believe it, even though that appears to be the truth. According to the investigator in the case “The entire goal of the exercise, was to manufacture a child martyr”
Whatever may be the truth, the image has been successfully conveyed that Israelis are killers of innocent children.

5 thoughts on “Who shot Mohammed Al-Dura

  1. I haven’t read the article but I do remember the incident. It has been used as an effective propaganda tool by Palestinian even though it is based on a lie.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if the Palestinians intentionally killed the boy knowing full well the cameras were rollling and that the subsequent media coverage would favor their cause.
    It also shows how gullible the media is as well.

  2. The media loves anything that puts a positive spin on terrorists – check out honestreporting.com – it has some good stories.

  3. I have been talking to various people here in Kerala about Iraq war, America etc. Most people I have talked are very supportive of American action. When I was in the US, the impression I got from the media was that the whole of India was against the war.

  4. That’s strange JK…
    I rarely meet anyone who supported the US in the war. In fact it is impossible even to argue with anyone because they won’t even consider the idea that there might be an other side.

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