Ban on campus politics

A student belonging to the student wing of the Communist Party did not have the required attendance. So the principal of the college did not let him write the exam. The student filed a case against the college. He also asked for a large amount of money for the “emotional damage”.
In a bold move, the High Court of Kerala said this on the case
* The principal has the right to ban college politics and no one can question his authority
* This does not violate any constitutional rights of the student
You have to have studied in Kerala to understand the importance of this statetemt. Politics runs in the blood of everyone here. In every college, elections are more important than studies. This results in violent fights, resulting the deaths of students. The colleges then get shutdown, and classes are lost. Many colleges are held hostages by Goonda gangs which are usually outsiders.
This is why I love the Kerala High Court.
A previous acheievement of Kerala High Court is banning of smoking in public places. It is now a crime for which you can be arrested without a warrant.

One thought on “Ban on campus politics

  1. Kudos to the High Court.
    is it true abt smoking in public places ? When I went back to Kerala a few months ago, I could still a lot of ppl with “Beedi”s in public places. Guess we have to wait a while more before all laws are enforced.

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