Lies of Praful Bidwai

Shanti has this on Praful Bidwai’s latest column which is aptly titled “Of Lies, Trickery & Deception”
bq. It is unfortunate that people like Praful Bidwai are disseminating lies and a news organization like Rediff is giving them the forum to do it. The allegation that the toppling of the statue in Baghdad was stage-managed has been debunked at least two weeks ago, as soon as it surfaced. It is a great disservice to the readers to publish such columns without any mention of the other point-of-view or at least a note at the end of the column pointing to the debunking.
I would like to see how Rediff responds to this. “Ajit Balakrishnan”:, the CEO of Rediff has a blog. But he does not have comments enabled.
Update: Got a mail from Ajit Balakrishnan. He has asked his editorial collegues to look into it.

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