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As the “peace lovers” change their stand from “We hate war, We love Uncle Saddam”, to “We hate Saddam, but we also hate war” to “We hate America, all other wars are OK” to “I don’t hate America. But why didn’t we kill Saddam directly”, to “I love America, I opposed the war only because I thought it would upset the camels in Basra”, here is this week’s Bharateeya Blog Mela — The Candles of Marina Beach

Ashwini in her blog entry “Why is it OK for the mob?”: asks
bq. Numerous African nations are at war, why are there no global protests? Aren?t the Africans worth your time? Don?t they too deserve to lead peaceful lives? How different are these wars from the current
Iraq war?

Ravikiran has some “Questions for Anti-War Indians”: and makes a nostradamus style prophecy:
bq. But as stories of Saddam’s atrocities (Link requires free registration) come out, any claim by you that the invasion was a mistake will be turned back at you and your opponents will react with horror at the suggestion that a monster like Saddam should have been left in power.
Shanti in her blog entry “The tale of two headlines”: says
bq. Isn’t it time we stopped our own hypocritical relations with the world in general and face up to a little reality? Things will have to change and fast, if India truly wants to be a player on the global level. A myopic communist/socialist vision of the future doesn’t serve us anymore, as should have been obvious to us from the fall of Russia.
Ahmed Chalabi head of the Iraqi National Congress (see the similarity to Indian National Congress) thinks of Indian democracy as a role model for Iraq. “Suman Palit”: thinks otherwise.
bq. The history of modern India is littered with examples of
unnecessary civil strife driven by the heavy-hand of New Delhi
politicos.. so lets not make Iraq like India, okey dokey..?

While all this was happening “vs babu”: was looking at Java applications!
That’s it for this week. The blog mela’s are mirrored at “RealWomenOnline”: Thanks to Shanti for the new title image.

9 thoughts on “Blog Mela #8

  1. what an intelligent way to capture the anti war sentiments.You guys seems to be big on analysis and labelling. Keep up the good work, Pulitzer definitely be yours.

  2. Hey JK,
    I am sorry for not posting about the Blog Mela yet – I have been here at work since 6 in the morning. Will do so as soon as I get some breathing time. Thanks.
    ps – your sulekha email just bounced.

  3. Pay no heed to the Pittsburgh Indian (congrats! your very own pet troll! :-)) — the anti-war brigade is low on logic and high on reflexive anti-war sentiment anyway. Keep up the good stuff!

  4. First “Racist,” now “pet troll”. I don’t how I survive after this. I didn’t know this is exclusively ‘you lick my ass, I lick your ass’ club. Now I know, so Goodbye.

  5. ‘Selective Breeding’ – Kerala in the forefront?
    Kerala also known as ‘Gods own country’ boasts of a near 100% literacy. If literacy is the ability to read and write, and the eventual invisible link to analytical prowess, then that is not right. Kerala’s literacy rate just means the cognitive ability t

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