Religious Terrorists

Some of the sickest souls in the world have found a breeding ground:
“Relief efforts for Iraqi victims of war have religious overtones”:
bq. But a fraction of the agencies view the war
as more than a relief effort. They see it is a golden opportunity to
convert this predominantly Muslim country to Christianity, and along
with supplies, they carry the New Testament and the message of Jesus
Once Iraq is done, here are some suggestions
* Pakistan (mainly North Western Province)
* Iran (Salman Rushdie will vouch for their willigness to convert)
* Saudi Arabia

2 thoughts on “Religious Terrorists

  1. I don’t know why you all hate Pakistan and Muslims so much, but we are united and will never convert. Saudi Arabia is a Muslim holy site- I’m a Muslim from Hyderabad, and my cousin’s Pakistani. So stop hating religions and countries.

  2. I don’t hate Muslims. I hate anyone who works against India. And guess the nationality and religion of the terrorists in Kashmir.

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