Should India be part of UNSC.

  • I agree with Suman
    when he says that we will have to toe US line as it is the only
    remaining hyperpower. But in the future, there may come some issues
    before UN where the US is not terribly interested but has direct
    relation to Indian security, like Kashmir. Our position could be an
    advantage in influencing world opinion to our favor. It is only US and
    France which ignores UN. Even in UK, people are asking
    Tony Blair to get UN approval. Our issues in the near future are not
    going to be with the major powers, but with the tiny ones in our
    neighborhood, where the voice of United Nations still has some effect.

  • We are currently caught up in the stupid “South Asian” tag,
    losing our identity. As Opinionated
    says, the view of the world is that of India and Pakistan
    as two equals involved in ‘medieval religious warfare’. We need to get
    involved in global issues and get out of trying to be a leader of a
    bunch of loser nations (SAARC)

The UN may even become extinct by the
time the next Lord of the Rings is released. But if it is around, then
we should be a part of it.

2 thoughts on “Should India be part of UNSC.

  1. I vote for eliminating the word “South-Asian” from the dictionary – if we can’t use the term Indian sub-continent, let’s not use anything at all.

  2. Rajiv Malhotra wrote it best in his article Axis of Neocolonism on Sulekha
    Over 90% of the students who get sucked into the South Asian movement on US campuses are Indians. On the other hand, most Pakistanis are unabashed about their identity, and join Islamic organizations. Even in the UK, where the Indian community is far older than in the US, there is no South Asian movement on campuses. Finally, nobody in India identifies himself/herself as being ?South Asian.?

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