Indian History Carnival – 19

The Indian History Carnival, published on the 15th of every month, is a collection of posts related to Indian history and archaeology.

  1. Ravi Mundoli summarizes the current debate on the Indus script: “Seems like the lay person can’t do much other than remember that everyone has an axe to grind, and while one needn’t reject everything everyone says out of hand as being motivated by extraneous, non-academic/scientific reasons, it’s good to examine the evidence keeping in mind who is doing the analysis.
  2. Sandeep scanned through the NCERT history books and found appalling distortions. In his post he goes through four examples.
  3. Three years back, the Kannada actress Jaimala triggered a major controversy when she said that she had entered the sanctum santorum of Sabarimala. varnam writes aboutMt. Athos in Greece where even female animals are not allowed
  4. There have been debates on of if Marco Polo visited China, but now Calicut heritage asks if Marco Polo visited Calicut?
  5. Sarvesh K Tiwari’s series
    on Akbar’s U-Turn continues with a look at Sufis. “Their islamization was to however complete soon, and whatever the origins of their real traditions, the later sUfI-s came down to become zealous missionaries of Islam, often displaying no lesser bigotry than the orthodox ulemA”
  6. Nick Balmer continues his investigation into the coffee plantations of Mananthavadi: “Henry Baber was not the first person to grow coffee at Mananthavadi. As far as it is possible to tell, that honour belongs to Captain Henry Bevan, who was appointed in April 1825 to command the Wynaud Rangers, a force set up from the recently disbanded Seringapatam local battalion.”
  7. Maddy  looks at Sardar K M Panikkar’s contributions – in the Tibet issue, creation of  a naval doctrine — and  his relationship with Nehru and Krishna Menon.

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