2 thoughts on “A different way to think about creative genius

  1. Wow, I agree with whatever she said in this video. She is a great speaker and she loves what she does. The part of her speech which captured my attention was the way to capture thoughts. I remember another story I read. Salvador Dali tapped his creative potential by lying o the sofa, holding a spoon. As he drifted off to sleep, Dali would drop the spoon onto the floor. The sound startled him awake, and he would immediately sketch the images he envisioned in his sleep. One more part s that the way people looked at her and reacted to her idea of becoming a writer. Besides, I am a handwriting analyst. Four months ago I quit my job and told my friends at work that I am going to do a certification course in handwriting analysis people went I don’t think it is a good idea. What will you do with it? There may be only a few who might need you help. I know how people think when they see someone doing something totally different. After listening to this I was like wow…nice post. Thank you. Thanks for posting.

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