Draft Arun Shourie

Gaurav has started an effort to Draft Arun Shourie to be BJP’s candidate for prime minister.
I own few of Arun Shourie’s books and have learned a great deal from his meticulous research. His Eminent Historians prompted me to find the truth behind various blue pills I swallowed in school and Missionaries in India provided the references for the Macaulay series.
He would make a fine prime minister, but I doubt it will happen since he is not an Octogenarian. One possibility is him being a compromise candidate, a la Manmohan Singh, but then it depends on too many random variables.
There are debates going on about this topic, like if Shourie can win votes for the party or if he is too much of an intellectual to govern successfully. This debate is one of the side effects of Gaurav’s campaign.

2 thoughts on “Draft Arun Shourie

  1. There are some questions that need to be addressed here, one being that Arun Shourie does not have the pan Indian appeal like Vajpayee or like Advani for that matter. Shourie is famous among muslims for having questioned the infalliability of Quran in the most obvious terms. So that political correctness that others strive for, which compromises the truth and true impressions, is something that Arun Shourie will not do well at. India can have many Shouries at helm if it merely wishes so. Not by raising a campaign, but simply by being courageous to question the present, past and future and taking tough stances. Because the lack of political will to kiss all asses is not Shouries deficiency, its ours that we need such a kiss ass netaa. So the question is actually on you (whosoever reads).

  2. I didn’t like the way Arun Shourie came out against Pratibha Patil during presidential election. he effectually lied to Indian people. He presented a short book with lot of factual errors and BJP had to distance itself from it.

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