Nov 26: We Knew, but..

Our coastal areas are coming under increased threat from terrorist groups, which have decided to use the sea route to infiltrate into India. They also plan to induct arms and ammunition through the sea routes” – that is Shivraj Patil addressing the directors general and inspectors general of police in November 2006. “We understand they (the terrorists) have been collecting information regarding location of various refineries on or near the Indian coastline… Some Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) operatives are also being trained specifically for sabotage of Oil installations. There are plans to occupy some uninhabited islands off the country’s coastline to use them as bases for launching operations on the Indian coast…”[Govt knew about the threat, did nothing: Arun Shourie (email from Atanu)]

Of course, Shivraj Patil knows all these things. The problem is that the terrorists don’t tell him the the date and time. This time he almost caught the terrorists, but they did not wait for his handshake.

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