Indian History Carnival – 9

The Indian History Carnival, published on the 15th of every month, is a collection of posts related to Indian history and archaeology.

  1. In Indian History – Myth, Reality, Propaganda, Dikgaj looks at all the hot button issues in Indian historiography.

  2. Nitin writes about Rajendra Chola’s eleventh century naval expedition across the Bay of Bengal and the conquest of Southeast Asian kingdoms. He also writes about the role played by the Five Hundred Swamis of Aihole.

  3. Search Kashmir has a brief history of the gardens of Kashmir.

  4. After reading The Indian Clerk by David Leavitt, Maddy has a detailed post about Ramanujan – The Hindoo Calculator.

  5. How did Din Mohammed from Patna end up being the Shampoo Sheikh? Fëanor
    narrates a fascinating tale.

  6. Between 1940 and 1960 about 27 countries gained independence. Does this diminish Mahatma Gandhi’s role in securing India’s freedom.? Semantic Overload has an analysis.

  7. Sumir writes his opinion about The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India by R. V. Russell. He has posted some pictures as well.

If you find any posts related to Indian history published in the past one month, please send it to jk AT varnam DOT org or use this form. Please send me links which are similar to the ones posted, in terms of content.The next carnival will be up on Oct 15th.

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