Kashmir concerns us

The recent violence in Kashmir also bought out the intellectual pygmies in India. They wrote columns advocating the separation of Jammu and Kashmir along religious lines so that they could watch genocide and make a livelihood out of it. These people have serious thrill issues.

During such times, the Sept 2008 issue of Pragati reassures that sanity and historical perspective are present in adequate amounts among foreign policy analysts.

Issue Contents


Don’t fall for crowd power
India has seen off secessionism before
K Subrahmanyam

No more partitions please, we’re Indians
A united India is the best hope for all its people
Rohit Pradhan, Shashi Shekhar & Sushant K Singh

Liberal solutions
Adopting truly liberal solutions can save Kashmir—and the concept of India itself
Harsh Gupta

Dealing with the Taliban insurgency
Pakistan is yet to evolve a cohesive strategy for its tribal areas
Ayesha Saeed

Shaping the neighbourhood
A discussion on strategic affairs with C Raja Mohan
Nitin Pai

Reforming land acquisition
Frameworks for acquiring land and rehabilitating affected people
M R Madhavan

Pope Gregory VII, Singur and morality
Stealing private property is wrong, even when the state does it
Vipin Veetil

Retail in doldrums
A veritable job-machine is being prevented from starting
Prashant Kumar Singh

More to microfinance than moneylending
A sceptic’s defence of microfinance
Aadisht Khanna

A very brief Kalam
The insubstantial memoirs of a presidential secretary
Samanth Subramanian


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