Stop All Terrorists

Recently Bal Thackeray suggested that ‘Hindu Suicide Sqads’ be created to fight ‘Islamic Terrorism’. Thackeray was of proud some terrorists who planted a bomb in an auditorium in Thane which injured seven people. Justifying this, he said that Hindus were safe only because Shivaji took up arms against the Mughals.

Now according to an Indian Express report, there are other Hindu terrorist groups who are preparing to take arms.

While the SS and the HJS are both registered in Goa as charitable organisations, the Dharmashakti Sena was set up in 16 Maharashtra towns and cities on Gudi Padwa day this April. Its stated aim: establishing “Ramrajya” and to make Hindus “capable of action”.Publications linked to the three groups say the Dharmashakti Sena offers free training in self-defence and the training involves inculcating “mental courage”. It also reminds readers of the “armed battle of revolutionaries and saints”, RSS leader Golwalkar’s work on “protecting Hindus” and his teaching that “weapons should be countered with weapons”.[Those Hindu Terrorists]

This has to be nipped in the bud and such “leaders” should be stopped using strong anti-terror laws before these groups become deadly like SIMI or Naxalites. Now that the Hindu terrorists have arrived, the ‘concerned citizens‘ should have less opposition for such laws.

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