Two Shocks from Mammotty

Mammotty, chairman of the Communist owned Kairali Channel, has always stayed loyal to leftist ideologies. Appearing alongside N. Ram, China’s man in India, at a DYFI meet he rightly criticized the Gujarat carnage ignoring the Communist atrocities in Nandigram. In 2005, he was to act in a Coke commercial for a remuneration of Rs. 20 million, but backed off at the last moment since the party was against Coke at that point in time. A staunch anti-imperialist, he has made sure that his children have the best life possible in United States and Britain. In short, he is a leftist with all the associated hypocrisy.

Now there is a disturbance in the force. First Mammotty told the media that he was in discussions with Microsoft to launch a statewide education project. Microsoft and Communist Party, for the uninitiated, have an Amitabh Bachchan-Raj Thackerey relationship. The official policy of the Communist Party is to use open source software in all e-governance applications to break the monopoly of proprietary software companies and thus Mammotty being the brand ambassador for the Microsoft would be like Darth Vader explaining the layout of the Death Star to Luke Skywalker.

The second event was more shocking. Canceling a shoot, Mammotty came to Kochi to receive a copy of L.K.Advani’s autobiography from the author and stood alongside BJP leaders. In his panegyric Mammotty mentioned that the book was a statesman’s biography and agreed with the RSS point of view that a confederation of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh was required.

The Communist party has evicted long serving members for going against the party line. M.P. Parameshwaran, a staunch Communist, was against capitalism and imperialism, but advocated a “fourth world” model which would “seek to regulate the production of goods only to fulfill the `needs’ of the people and not for their `greed’. Parameshwaran could not get the party leaders to cotton to this idea and he was expelled for he believed that socialism could not be achieved through dictatorship.

The ramblings against Mammotty have started.Now that he is doing everything which is anathema to the Communist will he also be shown the door or will they tolerate his divarication?

One thought on “Two Shocks from Mammotty

  1. Mamooty finally proves himself to be a fraud, an opportunist, and an useful idiot, all at the same time! The commies have used him because Mamooty fan base is huge in Kerala, many of whom, naturally, would support who their hero supported (especially given the God-like status of South Indian actors). Otherwise the commies would have jettisoned him long ago.

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