Indian History Carnival – 4

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The Indian History Carnival, published on the 15th of every month, is a collection of posts related to Indian history and archaeology.

  1. Manjunatha looks at genetic data and concludes: “This is the precise reason I believe the Dravidian languages are part of South India since the beginning.”

  2. The Governments of Haryana and Rajasthan have decided to revive the Ghaggar river system. Suvrat Kher clarifies the geological understanding regarding the river Ghaggar /Saraswati.

  3. Sigrid Harris writes about the rise and fall of Buddhism in India, “It flourished for centuries, but eventually, the corruption of the Sangha, the rivalries between sects, and the lack of protection from the ruling class weakened Buddhism and made it unable to compete with the reformed Hinduism. The anti-Buddhist campaigns led by the Muslims caused its final downfall, and Buddhism eventually entirely disappeared from India between 1000 and 1200 C.E.

  4. BD says, “this theory that Brahmins and/or Hinduism eradicated Buddhism does not quite hold” and offers this advice: “I realize that the Buddhists and Dalits are trying to build up their own identity, but relying on wrongful views or misinterpretation of history will lead to two things. One is people chuckling at you and second is a weak identity.”

  5. In our last edition, Stephanie laughed at the outrageous reports of Herodotus, especially the gold digging ants of India. Arvind Sharma asks: how is the account of gold-digging ants to be reconciled with the claims of Greek rationalism?

  6. HelloJi has a detailed post about the Nizam of Hyderabad, who is Fifth on Forbes ‘All Time Wealthiest’ list.

  7. According to TMMK leader M.H. Jawahirulla Aurangzeb destroyed the temple at Varanasi because the Maharani of Kutch was disrobed and insulted there. B. Shantanu finds that this is a fabrication.

  8. Yossarin reminds us that Ambedkar took a strong stand against having the word “socialism” ingrained in the preamble and wonders if the intellectual pygmies who are appropriating Ambedkar’s legacy have any idea of his liberal views.

  9. Maddy writes about the role of V. K. Krishna Menon in the war with China.

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