The New Hyphenation

Mr. Prakash Karat, who admires the way Nirupama Rao was summoned at 2 AM by the Chinese, explains why we should not support the protests against Tibet.

“In our country also we have problems of separatism. Those who want the chorus of independent Tibet will be doing a disservice to India,” the CPI(M) chief said reminding that we also had secessionist demands in Nagaland, Jammu and Kashmir and other places.[CPI(M) goes hammer & sickle on Tibet]

B. Raman replies (well actually to Aamir Khan)

9. You and others, who have written on this subject, are correct in their references to Kashmir, our North-East, the grievances and anger of our Khalistanis and Muslims etc. We too have been having problems with our religious and ethnic minorities just as the Chinese are having problems with their minorities in Tibet, Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia. No country in the world has been free of such problems.

10.The question to be asked is not whether we have the same problems as the Chinese, but what has been our approach to these probelms. Do we deal with these problems in the same way as the Chinese do or do we follow a different approach?

17. The leaders of Kashmiri and other separatist organisations freely interact with our media. They are interviewed by our print and electronic media and invited to participate in our TV talk shows. You recently attended the World Leadership Summit of “India Today”. I read in the media that one of those, who was invited to address the summit, was Yasin Malik, the leader of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front. Can you mention a single instance since 1949 when Beijing has allowed a single dissident leader to similarly interact with the media and foreign diplomats? Have you ever seen a single interview of His Holiness in the Chinese media? Have you ever seen a single statement of his ever published in the Chinese media?

Read the entire post. Now that the moral equivalence between India and Pakistan has vanished, it is time to establish the hyphenation between India and China and treat a democracy and dictatorship the same way in term of human rights violations. Communists have been parroting those lines and now Aamir Khan has joined in. If someone stands up for India, call him a nationalist (add the word pseudo for more effect). Rinse and Repeat.

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