The Non-Violent Chicken

“Myself and my daughters would never like Sarabjit freed inexchange for any hardcore Pakistani terrorist lodged in Indian jails,” Sarabjit’s wife, Sukhpreet Kaur, told PTI. Ms. Kaur said that for the family, “nothing is above the nation and we can’t go against the interests of our motherland.”[We do not want Sarabjit in exchange for terrorists: wife]

In this day and age, when displaying nationalism condemns one to the lowest levels of the Indian liberal purgatory, it takes certain amount of boldness to be so politically incorrect. To fully appreciate Sukhpreet Kaur’s admirable trait, we need to take stock of the atmosphere of surrender in which this lady living.

When a group of Tibetan protesters were planning a march from Dharmasala to the border of India and China, the Indian Govt. stopped them to prevent any embarrassment to the Chinese. China’s Prime Minister warned India, his sepoys in India amplified their master’s voice and People’s Daily of China, published from Chennai put Stakhanovite stints in censorship. In fact, the Government is so scared of Chinese “feelings”, that the Prime Minister is scared to step foot in certain parts of our own country.

If Sri Ramakrishna were alive, he would have told the following parable to Manmohan Singh: Once there lived a violent poisonous snake and when he tried to attack a monk, the monk recited a mantra and the snake lay on his feet like an earth worm. The monk initiated the snake to spiritual life and asked him not to harm anyone in the future. Observing that the snake had become non-violent, the boys in the area started throwing stones at him. Seeing no reaction they caught him by the tail and swirled and flung him on the ground and left him for dead. The snake read Michael Pollan’s book, ate just fruits and became as slim as Katrina Kaif’s waist.

About a year later the brahmachari came that way again and asked after the snake. Hearing the teacher’s voice, it came out of his hole and bowed before him with great reverence. But, the teacher asked: Why are you so thin? It can’t be mere want of food that has reduced you to this state; there must be some other reason! The snake said: The boys one day dashed me violently against the ground. How could they know I wouldn’t bite or harm anyone? The brahmachari exclaimed: What a shame! you are such a fool! You don’t know how to protect your-self. I asked you not to bite, but I didn’t forbid you to hiss. And Ramakrishma concluded: So, you must hiss at wicked people. You must frighten them lest they should do you harm. But never inject your venom into them.[THE ORTHODOX CHURCH AND ETHNO-RELIGIOUS]

The leaders who are supposed to be role models are busy displaying competitive cowardice and preaching that being chicken is a virtue. When our leaders are scared even of fanfaronade and our business leaders are scared of singing the national anthem, it is comforting to know that ordinary citizens have a mind which is without fear and hold their heads high.

PS: In fact one should not insult chickens for even they display violent behaviour occasionally.

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