More, the Merrier

Shriya Reddy (who?) married Vikram Krishna (hoo! hoo!). From the reports:

Well, chief minister M.Karunanidhi wasn’t able to make it to shower his blessings and his family members including his wives Thaayal Ammal and Rajathi Ammal, son M.K. Stalin and grandson Udayanidhi conveyed their wishes.[Blissful moments for Shriya – Vikram]

Is it legal for Karunanidhi to have multiple wives? Well, apparently the rules are different in some parts of the world for some people.

The DMK chief now divides his time in the houses of both wives – spending mornings at the Gopalapuram residence with Dayaluammal while moving to the house of his other wife, Rajathiammal, at CIT Nagar in Chennai in the afternoons. The Chinna veedu concept is fairly common in Krishnagiri and Salem districts of TN, where males believe in more the merrier.

At least one top Union minister from Tamil Nadu is known to have two wives and so does a senior DMK official, who married his daughter’s classmate. An academic said, “The social sanction for two wives can be traced to religion and mythology. Lord Muruga, for instance, had two wives.”[In South India, more the merrier]

Then has the academic heard about Lord Rama who had only one wife? Probably that explains the DMK hatred towards Rama.

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2 thoughts on “More, the Merrier

  1. JK: Thanks for alerting us to this.
    Arun: If you meant that JK should not have written this post, I disagree…
    It is important for people to know that their democratically-elected leaders can apparently break the law with impunity and get away without so much as a murmur of protest…
    This is just one more example…

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