Looking for Galileos

So, was there a Big Bang from which the universe expanded into the present form.? The Friedmann-Lemaître-Robertson-Walker metric, analysis of light spectrum from galaxies and the cosmic microwave background radiation all indicate that there was an initial state of infinite density and temperature.

But computational physicists like Neil Turok believe that the universe is anādi (without begining or end) and Big Bang is just one stage in infinite cycles of expansions and contractions.

Within a school of string theory known as m-theory, Turok said, “the seventh extra dimension of space is the gap between two parallel objects called branes. It’s like the gap between two parallel mirrors. We thought, What happens if these two mirrors collide? Maybe that was the Big Bang.[Physicist Neil Turok: Big Bang Wasn’t the Beginning]

The Catholic Church, always in search of Galileos, is against this theory. It is not that the priests have groked D-branes and NS-branes and all the extra dimensions to come with a scientific objurgation, instead they just dusted a timeless tactic: it goes against the scriptures

Wired: The Catholic Church hasn’t been very receptive to your ideas, either.

Turok: I think they like the Big Bang for obvious reasons. It’s a creation event, and they find that appealing. Whereas if you talk to most physicists, they’d prefer that there was not a creation event, because there are no laws of physics that indicate how time could begin. I’m not motivated by [theological considerations]. I’d be perfectly happy with a mathematically precise description of how time began. I see science and religion as being two completely different things. I don’t see science as relevant to the question of whether or not there’s a God.[Physicist Neil Turok: Big Bang Wasn’t the Beginning]

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2 thoughts on “Looking for Galileos

  1. I watched a show in string theory on PBS few years ago, 2006 maybe, by Dr. Brian Greene – whose claim to fame is really just trying to explain string theory, not any original concepts of string theory.
    Anyway, he had graphical visualization of multi-layer parallel universes and potential multiple big bangs – expansion and contraction and repeat cycles.
    At that time it sounded pretty close to the cycle of yugas in vedas.
    But string theory itself comes to knots because of it’s eleven dimensions and lack of any elemental proof. Suffice it to say lot of astrophysicists don’t take it seriously.

  2. Chandra, It was the “Elegant Universe” based on his book of the same name. PBS actually has the whole show online. It definitely had some amazing graphics.

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