Notes from Kerala (5)


Kerala Views writes about the image of the Chief Minister of Kerala

Kerala Chief Minister V. S. Achuthanandan has admitted that the
squabbles among his Ministers have dented the image of his Government.
What he has not said is that his lack of leadership and grip in the
administration is largely to be blamed for the disquiet in his Cabinet.

Achuthanandan is just a group leader within his party, and do not
have much sway over the Left Democratic Front constituents except when
their interests coincide. The Chief Minister also lacks administrative
experience and lacks an able team of officials to back him up in the
governance of the State.

Kerala Tips writes about the closure 
of the British Council library in Trivandrum

British library in Trivandrum
was one of the best resource for books. When I was young, I found it a
very peaceful place to spend time in learning. They also provided free
Internet service for a long time. Sadly all good things must come to an
end. So the British council decided to close it from February (they
were spending over a crore rupees per year).

What is very funny about this is the reaction from politicians. Our
chief minister visited the library ordered the British “NOT to close”
the library. Unions were formed to protect the staff at the library.
What are they going to do?  Are they going to organize strikes in
London demanding that they should operate library in Trivandrum?

Save Kerala writes about a few brain waves

Terming the UDF Government’s decision to train monkeys to climb coconut
trees as an attack on the common-man’s right to livelihood, the
government scrapped the policy since it unilaterally favored the
monkeys and the bourgeois apes. Instead, the Government decided to set
up a school to train malayalis to climb trees and pluck coconuts. In
the wake of the economic boom riding on technology revolution and
industrialization that requires education and soft-skills, the
thought-leaders of the current government saw this as a perfect answer.
Perfect reply rather.

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