New Benazir Theories

On July 8, 1988, Bangalore-Trivandrum Island Express derailed and plunged into Ashtamudi lake near Kollam, Kerala, killing 107 people.There was an investigation and the accident was blamed on a localized tornado. This was probably the first and last tornado in the history of Kerala which surprisingly did not affect anything else in the neighborhood. On Feb 27, 2002 kar sevaks were burned to death in Godhra, Gujarat and the reason was found to be self-combustion.

Looks like investigators from Kollam and Godhra are now in Pakistan. According to some theories Benazir died because she had struck her head on a metal lever on the sun-roof of her
armoured Toyota Land Cruiser, resulting in a fatal skull fracture. Another theory is that she was killed by a laser gun. If the plan is to come up with an outrageous theory, they should go with the indigestion one.

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