The Comedian from Idaho

One Congressman who got worked up about the Hindu prayer in the United States Senate was Rep. Bill Sali, who said , “When a Hindu prayer is offered [in the Senate], it creates problems for the longevity of this country.” Later this intellectual giant, who introduced a bill to reduce gravity by 10%, explained why he thinks Christianity is better than Hinduism.

“Christian principles work, and they show up in a lot of different areas,” Sali said. “Most of the hospitals in this country have Christian names. If you think Hindu prayer is great, where are the Hindu hospitals in this country? Go down the list. Where are the atheist hospitals in this country? They’re not equal.”[Bill Sali’s Half-Apology]

Though he did not personally apologize for such remarks, Wayne Hoffman, Sali’s press spokesman wrote that Congressman Sali bears no ill will toward Hindus. One of the editorial writers calls him an embarrassment and a Capital Hill sideshow. Then, for his excuse, he is from Idaho where elected officials do worse things.

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2 thoughts on “The Comedian from Idaho

  1. Shiv:
    I know it was an attempt at humor, but instead of wasting the tax payers money on this useless effort, he could have made his point in some other way.

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