An inspiring story

It is said that life is tough for a Dalit in India and atrocities committed on
Dalits are given prominence in the media except
the atrocities are committed by Dalits themselves
. Still there is no denying
that they are abused simply because of their caste. In such an
environment when someone and that too a woman breaks ranks and achieves
unimaginable wealth, it has to become a case study.

Her father was a clerk in the Telecommunications department in Delhi and mother
a house wife. She was a teacher and then she joined politics. The latest
statement filed by Mayavati gives an indication why a career in politics is
always better than the
whipping boy, the IT sector.

UP chief minister Mayawati has assets worth over Rs 52 crore,
according to an affidavit filed on Monday by her along with the nomination
papers for the Vidhan Parishad. And to add glitter to her wealth, the lady has
diamonds worth nearly Rs 50 lakh.

The CM’s assets, including movable and immovable property, bank balance are:

Cash: Rs 50.27 lakh; Deposits in banks, financial institutions and non-banking
financial companies: Rs 12.88 lakh; jewellery: Rs 50.87 lakh;diamonds 380.17
carat: Rs 49.75 lakh; a 18.5-kg silver dinner set costing Rs 1.12 lakh.

Among her other assets, the CM has murals worth Rs 15 lakh.

Behenji, as she likes to be called, lists the following commercial and
residential establishments as her own in New Delhi and Lucknow. She owns two
commercial establishments in Connaught Place, New Delhi, priced at Rs 2.05 crore
and Rs 1.27 crore and another commercial establishment at Okhla which is priced
at Rs 15.50 crore.
reveals assets: Rs 52 crore]

How she earned so much money would
bring tears to the eyes of even politicians. Naive BSP workers, assuming that
the leader did not have any money sent her money and asked her to use it
whatever purpose she seemed fit
, like buying bungalows or jewellery. Really!
That feeling of happiness knowing that the leader is eating in a dinner set
costing Rs. 1.12 lakhs while you are struggling to make a living is called, and
let me use a technical term here,

The view is best summed up by Columnist
Chandrabhan Prasad who says that the ordinary
would feel happy
that at least one of them is
doing well. 
Mayavati is an inspiration not only for Dalits, but for
all of us.

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  1. Gaurav, LOL. Even with this all this wealth she does not own a car and I think it is the responsibility of us bloggers to send her enough money so that she can buy atleast a Maruti 800.

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