Legacy of the Harappans

Legacy of Harappan tech all pervasive even today

THE RECENT findings of glass beads proved that people of Harappan civilization had knowledge of glass. And, recent findings of Mesolithic tools in the excavation of Harappa also showed that the civilization had existed there before 10,000 BC, said Prof Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, from University of Wisconsin, Madison USA.

Delivering his lecture on ‘Harappan Technology and Its Legacy’, Dr DP Agrawal, director of Lok Vigyan Kendra Almora, said the legacy of the Harappan technology was all pervasive even today, for example the house plans, the technology of making carts, modern boats in Sindh, hydraulics, various motifs, the shapes of pots and platters and even ornaments seem to continue to this day.

Dr RS Bisht, former joint director general, Archaeological Survey of India, delivered his lecture on ‘Application of Science and Technology For Urban Planning, Architecture and Water Structures and their Management by the Harappans at Dholavira’. “Dholavira made a tremendous contribution towards the better understanding of the Indus civilization and the status of science and technology by its builders,” he said.

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