They need a new name

Here are some excerpts from the speeches from the Nonaligned Movement summit in Cuba

“When there no longer is a Cold War, the United States spends one billion dollars a year in weapons and soldiers and it squanders a similar amount in commercial publicity,” he said. “To think that a social and economic order that has proven unsustainable could be maintained by force is simply an absurd idea.” [Raul Castro]

“Under any scenario, we are with you just like we are with Cuba,” Chavez told Iran. “If the United States invades Cuba, blood will run. … We will not have our arms crossed while bombs are falling in Havana or they carry Raul off in a plane.” [Hugo Chavez]

So  why is this called Non-Aligned Movement again?

3 thoughts on “They need a new name

  1. These guys are having the worst delusions of power right. I think the only way they can make themselves important is by posturing themselves against something that is truly powerfull and important.

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