Waiting for the next terrorist attack

Thanks to some brilliant intelligence work by the British, a mass murder by about 20 British Nationals and the masterminds in Pakistan has been averted. A plot in an advance stage to bomb planes bound for United States was almost weeks away from execution.

President Bush usually tells in his speeches that there are no Indians in Al-Qaeda since India has an excellent system of democracy to address grievances. If this were true, then there should absolutely be no terrorist activity in Britain which has a mature democracy than India. Sadly Britian fell into the trap of political correctness resulting in tolerance for radical preachers like Omar Bakri Mohammed. According to experts, London hosts more radical Islamic groups, cells and leaders than any other European capital and hence it is easy to influence youngsters to become suicide bombers.

Britain  learned the hard way that political correctness can result in death. Omar Bakri Mohammed moved to Lebanon and was banned from coming back to London so that he could not spread his hatred. (When the Israeli bombs started falling around him, instead of joining the suicide bombers he cheered, he asked the British Government to airlift him to safety). British authorities also tracked phone calls and wire transfers of these Islamic terrorists and had an undercover operative on the inside.

It has been shown again and again radical preachers can convert ordinary people to terrorists and it is important to take firm action against such activities.  On February 14th, 1998, before L K Advani was to arrive in Coimbatore, there were serial blasts and 58 innocent people lost their lives. The mastermind behind the attacks, Abdul Nasser Madani, was arrested and jailed. Kerala Assembly, at a special session on Holi, passed a unanimous resolution calling for freeing Madani on parole on humanitarian grounds. Aren’t there other sick prisoners in various jails? Why is the assembly only concerned with Madani?

When the Home Ministry concluded recently that SIMI provided logical support for the Mumbai blasts, Mulayam Singh Yadav stated that it would be improper to call SIMI a terrorist organization. The DMK Government, two weeks after it was sworn in ordered that cases against twelve Muslim fundamentalists be dropped.

“Obviously, the accused committed the offence with the grave intention to create law and order problems and disrupt peace in Tirunelveli district, known to be communally sensitive. Also, all of them have links with Muslim fundamentalist outfits. The government should have allowed the law to take its natural course. For a new government to resort to such a move is rather demoralising for the police force,” said a senior police officer in Tirunelveli. [DMK govt ordered six cases dropped against Muslim hardliners in TN]

When the US Embassy issued warnings of possible Al-Qaeda plots to carry attacks in New Delhi and Mumbai, we could dismiss them as innocuous because with all that political correctness who is going to bomb us. Even if there are terrorist attacks by some “misguided youth”, we have our world famous resilience to see us through. Even though the political class is busy with secularism, thank god we have professionals in Police and Intelligence.

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