Terrorists strike Mumbai Again

Terrorists (not militants as the MSM likes to call it), have struck Mumbai. Amit Varma has the updates and he points to Mumbai Help for getting additional help and information.
Update 1: Amit mentions an incident where a correspondent asks a victim if this was a terrorist attack and remarks how would he know in five minutes. B. Raman has guessed who is behind the blasts instantly.
Update 2: Indian Intelligence believes that Dawood Ibrahim was behind the serial attacks. (via Counter Terrorism Blog)

Indian intelligence believes the attacks on Mumbai

2 thoughts on “Terrorists strike Mumbai Again

  1. Terrorists strike Mumbai Again (contd)
    Continuing from where we left off yesterday, The Acorn points to a piece by Praveen Swamy what evidence is available, though, suggests that the tactics and techniques used in the Mumbai bombings are similar to those deployed in the wave…

  2. Advice to the Indian Govt.
    It is a grave tragedy that We Indians never learn. On one hand we all know that Paki’s are terrorists yet we are stupid enough to open more train and bus services so those terrorists can travel freely to India.

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