Restoration of Katasraj to start soon

After Malaysia decimated a Hindu temple, Lahore’s only Hindu temple was also demolished to construct a commercial building. Now in a welcome development, Pakistan is spending about $25 million for the restoration of the Katasraj temple.

Pakistan has many famous Hindu temples like the Sharada Thirtha, the temple of Lav (Rama’s son) and Katasraj . Katasraj temple, according to mythology is the place where the Pandavas met the Yaksha who asked them the ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ questions.  Al-Biruni mentioned in Ta’rikh al-Hind (“Chronicles of India”) that he learned Sanskrit and Science at Katasraj. The restoration work is expected to start next month.

A comprehensive study had been conducted. The temple ponds would be cleaned, enlarged and fenced, sources said, adding that the Shiva temple and the adjacent area would be restored and debris removed. The missing staircase would be rebuilt and the walls would be plastered, they said.The sources said that proper pathways leading to the pools, the Shiva, Hanuman and Ram temples, as well as the stupa and Hari Singh

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