Against Football

Did you know that football could have a corrupting influence among the new generation and it was a ‘conspiracy instigated by the imperialists’? When you hear such a statement, the immediate guess would be that it came from the Taliban, who converted the football field in Kabul to a killing ground. Sadly, it comes from the 100% literate state of Kerala where football has a major fan following.

By going after those ‘unscrupulous’ and ‘morally weak’ soccer stars, the youth in the district are falling prey to a ‘conspiracy instigated by the imperialists’, they alleged.
“It is cruel to divert resources and energy when there are many who are suffering from poverty,” they said, adding they would launch strong campaigns against the soccer craze. SSF has held a protest march in Tirur the other day against the football craze saying that ‘capitalist forces are trying to make inroads under the guise of football’.[Soccer frenzy: Foul, cry Muslim outfits]

Conspiracy by the imperialists? Over and over again you hear this phrase as if the whole world is out to destroy Kerala through various tactics. If you look at the thirty-two teams playing in World Cup 2006, a vast majority of them are not even developed countries. There are five countries from Africa, and seven from Central and South America and then there are countries like Croatia, and Serbia and Montenegro. Since it is Muslim outfits which are crying out against the football frenzy, they should also note that Iran, as well has the holy land Saudi Arabia are also playing the game.

“Poor Countries” want to play football. Islamic countries want to play football. This protest seems to be yet another case where the monkey brigade seems to be more Catholic than the Pope.
Update: The Islamic Militia who took over Mogadishu also thinks alike. They have cut off electricity to prevent Somalis from watching World Cup, but even they have not been cuckoo enough to suggest that it is an imperialist conspiracy.

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  1. I think the fear that “the whole world is out to destroy us” can be traced to our ( predominantly matrilineal ) kEraLa society. I have seen this kind of an attitude in too many of my old relatives. In myself too I perceive somewhat subconscious tendencies to victimize and insulate myself. The “pravAsis” are the silver lining but they don’t seem to transfer this attitude to the dilapidated feudal homes where people still feel reluctant even to interact closely with those who are not their relatives.
    As for the “imperialist conspiracy” part I think it was inspired by similar allegations leftists keep making in kEraLam.

  2. Lesson from Somalia
    When the Islamic Courts Union took control of Somalia it was like a repeat of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan.  They did the usual things, like banning football and enforcing Sharia, but soon it became obvious that Somalia was becoming…

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