Whose bricks are these

The Haryana Archaeology Department found something significant recently – some huge bricks 4500 years old.

Huge bricks belonging to the ancient Indian Kushan Dynasty have been found near the famous Kurukshetra battlefield, around which the Indian epic, Mahabharata, involving a fatricidal conflict between the Pandavas and Kauravas, is centered. [4,500 year-old bricks found near `Mahabharata’ battlefield Kurukshetra]

Around 4500 years back, Indus Valley Civilization was in existence in the region. The Kushan Empire existed from 1st – 3rd centuries. Either the archaeologists or newspaper reporters have no clue about the chronology of Indian history.

5 thoughts on “Whose bricks are these

  1. Of course, there has always been a nonchalance associated with such efforts at exaggeration.
    But hey, we are the world’s oldest civilization you know. Dem Mesopotamians stole everything from us. Dem Greeks, oh, they emmigrated from India!

  2. This is a huge mistake in reporting. So were the bricks 4,500 years old or were they Kushan era remnants? This has major implications in the field of archeology. Kushana era bricks are hardly newsworthy.

  3. Anand, We don’t know anything about the background of the people who wrote this article to make such a guess.

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