On Religious Tolerance

In Lhasa, Tibet, some followers of Dalai Lama entered a monastery and attacked some statues. This story is funny in various aspects. First you have Buddhist monks attacking statues of Dorje Shugden, a deity criticised by the Dalai Lama because he called it a divine offshoot.
Attacking a statue? Hopefully the statue did not come alive and tell them to go deepen their Vipassana practice. Imagine how many Sankha-ra’s this activity must have created (Unless they were doing this with mindfulness ).
Secondly, certainly people got upset over this religious intolerance by Buddhist and who better to express the outrage than a member of the Communist Party, which is the epitome of tolerance.

“What the Dalai Lama has done violates the religious freedom of believers,” Zhang Qingli, the acting Communist Party secretary of Tibet said, according to Xinhua. [Buddhist monks ‘storm’ temple in Tibet]

The Communist Part secretary of Tibet is in that position due to some wonderful demonstration of religious tolerance by the Communists. It is also due to their tolerance that Dalai Lama found an early hiking route to India. Members of Falun Gong and the Pope can also vouch for the Communist Party’s great tolerance.

2 thoughts on “On Religious Tolerance

  1. How anyone can believe this whitewashed depiction of the Communist party is almost amazing to me.
    If I listed the horrors caused by the Communist party from the takeover of Tibet until now it would take me too long to write it. For the Communist Party in particular to criticise the illegally occupied country of Tibet is worse than the pot calling the kettle black, it is like someone with a large wooden stake jammed into their eye trying to complain about a twig in the eye of someone else.
    Thousands of the Falun Gong in China have been imprisoned and their organs sold, to a large extent to non-nationals coming to China for organ replacement.

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