Chairman Mao in Tibet

Large statues are usually made for Gods and Rajnikanth, There are statues like the Buddha in Bamiyan and Hyderabad, and Gomateshwara in Shravanabelagola which we all admire. Now joining that league is Chairman Mao. The place for the statue is also classy – Tibet.

CHAIRMAN MAO’S stern features are to gaze out over Tibet for the first time. A huge statue of Mao Zedong, whose Red Armies entered the deeply Buddhist Himalayan region in 1951 to extend Communist Party rule, is to stand in a newly built square in the town of Gongga. The 7.5m (24½ft) figure, weighing 35 tonnes, is a gift to the small Tibetan town just south of the regional capital, Lhasa, from the central Chinese city of Changsha, where Mao was born.
The statue was designed by Zhu Weijing, president of the Changsha Sculpture Institute. He has created a whole new image of the late chairman that will be unique to Tibet, with his features made to look more like those of Buddha. [Mao turns Buddhist for Tibet]

They should also place a statue of Mao under a Bodhi tree to see if it gets enlightened.

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