Terrorist attack in Varanasi

They were normal people like you and me. They were old people like our parents who are religious. They had gone to pray to Hanuman in Varanasi, the holy city for Hindus and now they are dead due to the handiwork of few murderers.

The first blast came as devotees gathered for evening prayer at a 16th-century temple dedicated to Sankat Mochan. Tuesdays are particularly busy there, when special services are held for the Hindu monkey deity, Hanuman, who is known as the Liberator From Troubles. The second blast went off 45 minutes later at the main train station, Reuters reported. It was unclear how many people died in each place. Unexploded bombs were also found across Varanasi, including the maze of narrow streets in the oldest quarters of the 2,500-year-old city. Varanasi, also known as Benares, has a Hindu majority and a large minority of Muslims.[Bombs Rock a City Holy to Hindus, Killing at Least 15]

Also note their targets.

“The bomb was placed near a tree where women usually sit and take rest,” Singh said. “Moreover, a wedding was just over when the blast took place. Had the blast taken place a few minutes earlier, the toll could have been more.”[Indians Protest, Fear Violence Will Spread]

50 people in Delhi, 20 in Varanasi and God knows how many more to come.
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2 thoughts on “Terrorist attack in Varanasi

  1. First the attack should be condemend by all Indians despite of their religion.These are all the places which is rich in art works. By this kind of activity we are indirectly demolishing the Indian culture.

  2. My heart goes out for the victims. More than an attack on our culture, it is an attack in our country and against our countrymen. It is high time the government took some action against this madness.

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