The Clueless Protestors

What’s that?
This is the best answer you get from the nearly one lakh people protesting against President George W Bush’s visit, when they are asked about the nuclear deal.
Interestingly, this was after several leaders from the Left and Samajwadi Party launched tirades against the nuclear deal, thundering that India was compromising its sovereignty. “I have no clue about this deal,” said D S Negi, a protestor from Rohtak, Haryana.
Even as A B Bardhan, general secretary, Communist Party of India, came up on stage and started complaining about the deal being a setback to Indian sovereignty, the masses remained unaffected. Most of them were seen scratching their heads or wearing a blank expression on their faces, while Bardhan spoke about the nuclear deal.
Another interesting answer came from Sarvesh Kumar, a Samajwadi Party leader from Benares, Uttar Pradesh – “I don’t know what the nuclear deal is all about. I only know that my leader, Mulayam Singh, opposes Bush’s visit and so am I opposing his visit. Netaji is never wrong in politics.”[Protestors clueless about the nuclear deal]

It is very common for political parties to pay money and bring truckloads of people for any protest. These people don’t really care what the issue is about. There was one Malayalam movie which made fun of this when a hired protestor goes to the wrong demostration and starts raising the slogans of the rival party. I am sure Arundhathi’s gorillas also find this amusing.
It should also be noted that there was no protest in Jammu and Kashmir from political parties as well as separatist groups. Also 99.99% of Indians did not protest this visit.
Update: Ashish asks: Why do the Left even pretend that they are for India’s interests?
Update 2 Stupid is as stupid does

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  1. Nepal is a Hindu nation. When mass murders by Communists happen there, no one in India protests. So it does not matter if Iraq is a Hindu nation or not.

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