Quick Intro to Indian history

Do you want to know about Indian history and how European Aryans came to India? Take a look at the SABHA version, assembled from the works of “scholars”.

Stanley Wolpert explains lucidly in his book, The New History of India, the fate of the inhabitants of this civilization.

Around 2000 B.C. the original Indo-European speaking, seminomadic barbarians, who most probably lived in the region between the Caspian and the Black seas, were driven by some natural disaster, possibly drought, prolonged frost, or plague. Elaborating on the type of natural disaster, he writes,

Whatever the cause of their dispersion – it may even have been a series of Mongol invasions from Central Asia – the ancestors . . . were forced to flee from Southern Russia to survive.

We chose “whatever” as the cause (since we haven’t yet figured out how a series of Mongol invasions falls under the category of natural disasters), and were in luck when we found the actual explanation buried in an article by Michael Witzel! Apparently, civilizations developed on pond sides! A tsunami from the pond must have drowned the entire civilization. Well, not quite the entire civilization. The male members and horse chariots survived! [SABHA 4M Report]

More and more evidence is surfacing which is disproving the Aryan Tourist TheoryTM. Archaeological and genetic evidence do not show that there was a massive migration of Europeans to India. They did not teach us agriculture also.

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