Don't worry, it's the Chinese

We are strongly against this air drill since we think it will harm our sovereignty and the protest is aimed at booing the joint exercise,” said Nandy, a CPI-M strongman.
“We are strongly against military exercises with the US because we believe they will be detrimental to our national security and help the US expand its military presence in South Asia,” CPI-M politburo member Anil Biswas said. [Communists protest India-US air force exercise]

Those were the Communists protesting the joint military exercise between India and United States.

Navy ships of India and China Thursday conducted joint exercises off the Kochi coast Thursday in the first bilateral exercise in India. Communication exercises between the two ships, manoeuvre procedures and exercises relating to casualty evacuation were held during the day-long exercises, naval sources in Kochi said. In 2003, Indian naval vessels had taken part in joint exercises in China.[Indian and Chinese naval vessels conduct bilateral exercises]

Note that there were no protests by Communists from Kerala over this. Apparently this does not affect national security, soverignity, dignity etc. etc. since after all these are Chinese and not Americans.
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