We agree with Pakistan

While the world has the impression that India and Pakistan are constantly bickering over major and minor issues, there are few instances where both countries speak with the same voice. Unfortunately such incidents do not get much press coverage. One such incident that has come to light is the issue of modernizing United Nations with new management techniques.

Some call what the U.S. is trying to achieve — with significant support from other countries, notably Japan — the GE-ization of the U.N., that is, introducing the modern management mechanisms of global companies. Together the U.S. and Japan provide more than 40% of U.N. funds (the U.S. 22% and Japan 19%). Among the leading opponents are Pakistan, Egypt and India.[John Bolton at the U.N]

2 thoughts on “We agree with Pakistan

  1. When you’re footing the bill, you have the right to complain. Make funding the UN more equitable (meaning Egypt, India and Pakistan pay more), then complain.

  2. JK,
    I think our diplomacy is still controlled by people steeped in glory days of NAM.
    They derive their pretige and power from less than transparent structure of UN.
    As long as these career bureaucrats are there, they will resist any move to make UN accountable.
    And yes, welcome back 🙂

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