Rashomon Effect – Episode 2

Col Hemant Joneja of Indian Army’s 15 Corps says

Today, a group of 10 Pak soldiers appeared on the curve, where once the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad road took a left turn towards Chakoti, and asked for help. ‘‘Then our jawans crossed over (the LoC) and helped them reconstruct their bunker,’’

Pakistan’s defence ministry spokesman Maj Gen Shaukat Sultan says

Soldiers of two armies got together on humanitarian grounds in the hour of crisis,” he said. Shaukat Sultan, however, said, “There is no question of Indian army crossing LoC to help rebuild bunkers. All our bunkers are safe and can withstand artillery shells.”

Indian Army Spokesman says

“Indian soldiers did not reconstruct any Pakistani army bunkers,” an army spokesman said in New Delhi, clarifying that the soldiers had gone across unarmed to give Pakistani soldiers picks and shovels to clear debris of some pillars of the Aman Setu bridge on the Pakistani side.

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