We are indeed different

“We are brothers and sisters and should not be killing each other. Let’s hold some candles and kiss each other”. That was the slogan of the peaceniks who thought that with some people to people contact, (as opposed to terrorist to armed forces contact), there would be peace between India and Pakistan. They tried many tricks, like lighting candles in the border (sometimes forgetting to take the candle) and getting a Pakistani actress to kiss an Indian actor.
But looks like we are not made of the same material. This was revealed by none other than the symbol of Indo-Pak make out activity, actress Meera

Pakistani film actress Meera, who last year created flutters in Bollywood with her hot kissing scenes in film “Nazar”, has done a volte-face regarding screening of Indian films in Pakistan, saying that the Bollywood films should not be shown in Pakistan because Indians had a “different culture and mindset” than the Muslims.
Vehemently opposing bringing Indian films to Pakistani cinemas, she said it should “never” happen.
“India has a different culture, Indians have a different mind-set and Indian movies should not be screened in Pakistan. We should produce our own movies. We are Muslims and we have to make films that depict our own culture,” the Daily Times quoted the film actress as saying. [‘Muslim’ Meera does a volte-face, backs Bollywood ban in Pak]

At this point, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, and Amir Khan should have told her – hey we are Muslims too!
But then you are a product of your upbringing. You have to see what is taught in schools there to see how brainwashed people are. Note that these are not madrassa books, but the ones approved by the Govt. of our friend P. Musharraf.

* The Hindus treated the ancient population of the Indus Valley very badly. They set fire to their houses and butchered them.
* The religion of Hindus did not teach them good things, Hindus did not respect women.
* The Hindu has always been an enemy of Islam. [Hindu, Enemy Of Islam]

Next time these candlewallahs go to Pakistan for some good kabab and curry, can they address these fundamental issues which mould the thinking of an entire generation.

5 thoughts on “We are indeed different

  1. “We are Muslims and we have to *make films* that depict our own culture”
    Thats some progress. Last I heard, making films, watching TV were against Islam.

  2. Weekday Squib: Meera Meera on the wall
    Who is the fairest nation of them all?
    And now, less than ten days after reports emerged of her intention to migrate to a more liberal Bombay, Meera of Lollywood has executed a u-turn. And how.
    Vehemently opposing bringing Indian films to Pakistani c…

  3. Or Meera may have realised the equation:
    Bollywood movies= ban in pakistan
    Bollywood movies = don’t care much for Meera
    Therefore, Meera + Bollywood= unfavourable.
    Ok let us ban bollywood movies here now!
    I’ll just kiss for Lollywood.

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