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Looks like that opening Rediff had for fact checkers has not been filled yet. Today, while reporting on Adoor Gopalakrishnan being awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke award, Rediff Entertainment Bureau wrote

A three-time National Award winner and a Padma Shri, some of Adoor’s most famous films include Swayamvaram, Chemmeen, Elipathayam and Nizhalkuthu.[Phalke award for Adoor]

Chemmeen, based on a novel by Thakazhi Shivashankara Pillai was made by Ramu Kariat. The film had an Adoor connection, but it was the actress Adoor Bhavani.

4 thoughts on “Rediff Entertains

  1. JK, looks like they do have a fact checker — check the facts by checking the comments.
    They have corrected the mistake after the fact was pointed to them (in the comments).

  2. a small typo. i meant “they do have a fact checker — *who checks* the facts by checking the comments”
    i know you got the point, but still, but did not want to sound as if i am asking you to check the facts 🙂

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