Rashomon Effect – Episode 1

Jagdish Tytler in his resignation letter

Since this unfortunate and unwarranted mention of my name is causing embarrassment to the government, I hereby voluntarily tender my resignation from the Council of Ministers. I also take this opportunity to thank you and the party for the faith reposed in me all along.

According to News Insight

Threatened with excommunication from the Sikh community, Manmohan Singh met Sonia Gandhi with the choice that either Jagdish Tytler would have to resign or he would have to quit, following which the overseas Indians’ minister, an accused in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, was asked to leave the government.
Soon afterwards, Manmohan Singh in his Parliament speech clearly hinted that Tytler would leave his government, but till the evening, he was not willing to budge, after which he was asked by Sonia Gandhi’s office to put in his papers.

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